Essay about Academic Vocabulary

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February 22, y

Academic Vocabulary In university, students need to write essay in many courses. Teachers ask for students use academic vocabulary in their essay. Therefore, students should learn more academic vocabulary in university. Because using academic words can improve essay quality and get high marks.

One of the most important ways to promote the vocabulary is using more and more. For example, teacher asks for writing an essay and not require the words. However, students often write 4 paragraph, and just like finishing a work. Even though, using half an hour to finish an essay. If students want to write a good essay, they must use more time and do more research. On the one hand, students use more time to do the outline, and building a good organization. It provides a well idea and clear thinking, so students can write faster and do not have many mistakes. On the other hand, doing more research will get more academic vocabulary and can use in an essay. Using more time on an essay, students instead of some normal words to use academic words. Its very useful to improve vocabulary.

Students often want to get high marks. What is the most important to get high marks, its using academic words in an essay. Thus, promoting the number of vocabulary is necessary. If students know many academic words, they will use more often and can write good sentences. Students use more time to remember words is very important to know the word