Essay on Academic and Educational Outcomes of Children with Adhd

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Academic and Educational Outcomes of Children with ADHD


Denise DeWalt


This article covers the topic of outcomes as it relates to children with ADHD. They address five very important questions that relate to these students. They also discuss and share that research has come up with very few positive solutions that help academic outcomes with those diagnosed with ADHD. My research left me with more questions than answers as I found that there are very divisive opinions surrounding the topic of ADHD and its legitimacy.

This article is focused on the outcomes of children with ADHD with special focus on academic success. It is unfortunate that they end their study with the quote, “ We remain ill informed about
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I can see that this is going to be difficult for me to form an opinion. I suppose for now, that diagnosis or not, some children do have hyperactive and attention issues and they need interventions and help in academic areas. We cannot simply sit back and say something does not exist when we see the numbers of children that are not producing well in the academic areas because of these issues. The great part about this article was that they began to list some interventions that they thought should be looked at in the schools. 1) Small class size 2) Reducing distractions 3) Incorporating choice making, peer tutoring and computer aide instruction and 4) Alternative methods of discipline.
I am excited to dive more deeply into this and try to begin to use my research tools to find good sources to help clear up the confusion. Maybe this will always be one of those topics where people are extremely divided. I think most importantly, we need to be talking with those that exhibit ADHD behaviors and start with interventions one student at a time. I hope to find ADHD adults that can now clearly communicate what worked for them in the classroom and what did not.


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