Academy of Country Music Essay

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For my ethnographic research I wanted to better understand the history/evolution of country music, and the stereo-types that people have about country music but attending two country music concerts.
The first concert I attended was Lady Antebellum, since coming together in Nashville in 2006, the group has quickly risen to fame. Lady Antebellum has won Vocal group of the year award three years in a row. Eight of their singles went gold and four went platinum. All of this success has been achieved through the dynamic connection of the band as well as the unbelievable song writing ability. The band has a diverse fan base and have picked up fans across several different genres making them one of the most influential crossover artists.
The second concert I attended was Jake Owen. Owens overnight sucuess caused his to not have time to plan out his career according to the country music “guidelines” and because of that it was easy for him to pave his own way. Owens willingness to try new things landed his first album “Barefoot Blue Jean Nights” to become one of the year’s most successful country music albums. With the success of his first album he opened for Brad Paisley and Kenny Chesney sending him to superstar status after only a year of releasing his first album.

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