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Academy vs. Creativity Thesis Creativity is a made idea that’s put to work in order to solve a solution. And it could be anything from a new company, a new product, a new service, a new process, or a new method of production. Creation makes competition either in business or life to achieve success and prosperity. So is academy much more important than creativity as people and, educators claim it is? No I think it’s not at all. If anything academy, which is the modern education, is more drag to success on the vast majority of students across the nation and here in north Texas. The science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) majors should have less class non STEM required classes because those classes holds students back from completing their degrees. This most classes that are an elective should be a choice rather than required by the higher educational board of Texas. They are completely unrelated to the majors that we want to study also. Even though they might be helpful some how they should be optional. We can all agree that college should prepare us for our passion and goal in life. For example STEM students are passionate about creating and solving issues by using math and science as leverage. So the goal should be encouraging students to participate and explore new ideas not forcing them to take unrelated class. The Texas high school educational system fails more and more students by concentrating in only standardized test score just to get them pass, and get the government funding, they never bother to teach them the impotence of critical think and how to solve a problem without any written direction. So why I agree creativity is more valuable then academy? Because creativity and thinking outside of the box is the way to solve reality problems we are facing as society.
One example that creativity is important is in one amazing story lily’s brother, college fresh man with high expectation of his family failed his core classes as he struggle to find something he likes rather than do what the education bored required him to do in order to be a medical doctor. So that’s why he then gave lily musical instrument that she likes and enjoy playing thinking maybe she will become famous and be happy.
So the way to make creativity more applied in real world, we have to teach students how to solve reality problem by giving them hands on experience on the