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Essay ‘On the Bottom’

The short-story ‘on the bottom’ by Paul Jennings is about a boy named Lucas that goes on a fishing trip with his dad, and they are about to make a huge discovery! Lucas is also the main character I this story and the secondary characters include his Dad and the mysterious man found on the boat.

The fourteen-year-old boy Lucas (main character) does change throughout the story in veriest ways. For example at the start of the short-story he is confused and shocked about what happen to him after he caught the fish/shark. At the end of the story he finally understands what has happen to him and everything goes back to normal.

The Author (Paul Jennings) uses many techniques in the story such as dialogue, tense, suspense and description to provide the story with a much better storyline. Lots of narrative voice is also used throughout the story.

Most of the main characters actions are realistic, but nevertheless some of his actions are somewhat impossible. The tattoos moving from one body to the other is simply not going to happen. On the other hand when Lucas locks his dad in the cabin whilst on the boat, that could be possible.

I’m not sure how the audience would be affected in anyway after reading this short-story but as I read the book I was also fascinated to find out what happen at the end of the story. I’m afraid that this is not the type of story I would read.

The story that I read would not be a book I would recommend. My thoughts