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Goldney, R., Fisher, L., Phillips, P.and Wilson,D, “ Diabetes, Depression, and Quality of Life—A population study” Diabetes Care, Vol 27, NO.5 May 2004, pp1066-1070

In this study, the authors illustrate the prevalence of diabetes and depression and their relationships with life quality. The article assesses a representative population sample of individuals aged over 15 years living in South Australia consisting of 3010 personal interviews carried out by trained health interviewers to find out the prevalence of depression in those suffering doctor-diagnosed diabetes and comparative effects of diabetic status and depression on quality of life dimensions were measured. This article is quite useful to our research, for the mains points the authors come up with is a typical measure of human health in Australia. However , this article is also limited that the conclusion in this article is based on the sample which is drawn from the South Australian Population. Geographically speaking it cannot reflect the overall Australian’s health condition in terms of diabetes . to fill the gap, the authors , at the end of the article, come up with the idea that although majority population lives in South Australia, those Australians who live in remote area should also be pay attention to with further and deeper research. This article has not provide a comparative foundation of quality of life measurement between Australia and the other country, however, it would be a good supplementary to reflect the health measurement from one perspective to my research.

Ratcliffe, J., Lester, L. H., Couzner, L. and Crotty, M. (2012), An assessment of the relationship between informal caring and quality of life in older community-dwelling adults – more positives than negatives?. Health & Social Care in the Community. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2524.2012.01085.x

This research article applies the recently developed Index of Capability instrument to assess and revalue the life quality over a representative sample from the older population south of Australia. Authors debates on care status(informal care vs non-carer) and several social-demographic questions by carrying out a face-to-face interview to 789 individuals aged above 65 in their homes. The research focuses on the positive or negative effect on the old adults in terms of caring. This article is quite helpful to my research as it gives me an indication what social-demographic questions may arise due to the aging population of Australian, which contribute to a significant proportion of the overall population. On the other hand, it is also limited to provide information on the elder people ignoring the growing young. Thus , similar research should also be carried out not only in terms of young but also in western Australia area just as mentioned above. This