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You Are an Entrepreneur
The Top Shelf Business Plan
The Top Shelf Sports Bar & Grill is a proposed restaurant (grill) and bar that will be located near the Oakbrook Terrace Shopping Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Top Shelf Sports Bar & Grill will serve the residential community of Charlotte along with the many visitors that frequent the area for shopping and dining. The menu will consist of a variety of American food, top shelf liquor, and an array of premium microbrews for beer enthusiasts. The sports bar will provide more televisions showing more sporting events than anywhere else in the region – all sport shows from the west to the east coast will be televised. The sports bar will provide state-of-the-art table-top audio control at each table giving customers the option to watch selected programs of their choice. The sports bar will combine menu selection, atmosphere, lighting, and service to create a sense of excitement in order to reach the goal of over-all value in a dining and entertainment experience.
The Top Shelf Sports Bar & Grill will be targeting three distinct customer segments. The first is the beer enthusiasts, who have a true passion for distinguished fine beers. The Top Shelf Sports Bar & Grill will also target the general bar attending crowd. This group will typically be professionals that use establishments as a place to unwind after work and socialize in a happy hour type setting. The last group The Top Shelf Sports Bar & Grill will target are shoppers that frequent the Oakbrook Terrace Shopping Center, due to the location of Top Shelf which will be in the center of the shopping center which can be accessed from both sides of the mall as well as single standing stores. The Top Shelf Sports Bar & Grill will be held privately by a LLC company which will be owned by Keisha Barnett to financially back the new business venture. In order to start the company a loan of an undisclosed amount needs to be obtained from a financial institution. This loan will provide startup capital, financing for a building and supplies, pay for permits and licensing, employee training, and any other unforeseen expenses. The expected open date for this bar and grill will be July 1, 2013. This will provide the opportunity to serve customers for the Fourth of July holiday.
The restaurant will serve several market sectors. It will have a family atmosphere as well as to cater to the sports enthusiast. The restaurant will have a lunch menu, dinner menu, and the bar menu. The restaurant will also have weekly happy hour drink specials along with lunch and dinner specials for the casual shopper. To prevent a rise in insurance cost and prevent insurance claims management will stress and enforce the importance of safety, which begins with the hiring process. The company will be thorough in efforts to screen employees and will mandate pre-employment and random drug tests. This should reduce on the job accidents that lead to insurance claims. The insurances the restaurant will need to obtain are workers compensation, property & liability, liquor liability, and health insurance. Workman’s compensation covers employees in case of harm attributed to the workplace. The property and liability insurance protects the building from theft, fire, natural disasters, and being sued by outside parties. Liquor liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage for which the insured may be held liable for contributing intoxication to any person. Employee health insurance will be provided for full time employees and it is expected to be the most expensive out of all the insurance costs.

Start-up Requirements Start-up Requirements

Fees & Permits

$ 7,500
Exterior Signs (4)

$ 100,000
Pool Tables (6)

$ 30,000
Stero System

$ 1,500

$ 800

$ 1,000

$ 1,700

$ 1,800

$ 800

$ 500