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Continuing Academic Success
Jasmine Moore
May 2, 2015
Ms. Sheila McDaniel

Continuing Academic Success
Being a student I pride myself on doing well academically. I would like to achieve a passing grade in all of my endeavors while in school. The question I have, is it possible for me to be as successful in life as I would like to be in school? YES! I believe it is possible. Achieving success academically is an accentual priority in ones academic career. By succeeding academically students will have a better understanding of the skills provided in school, and be able to apply them in the real world.
To me, being successful in life means being comfortable and fulfilling all my dreams. I intentionally set small goals for myself, in order for me to make my dreams a reality. Every goal I reach gets me that much closer to my final goal. Effective goal setting is one of the better paths to success; however goal setting is only a small part of the process. Being able to take the right course of action necessary to achieve your goal is the only way anyone can actually benefit from setting goals. One of my favorite quotes “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world” (Harriet Tubman).
One educational goal for me is too graduate from the University of Phoenix with a 3.0 GPA or better. The steps I intend take to achieve this goal is to give myself time to study, stay healthy, reach out to those I know can help me (i.e., my instructor, academic advisor) and try to keep my stress level to a minimum. Not only am I a student, I’m also a full time employee. So not only do I have to set aside enough time to complete my assignments, I also have to give myself time to exercise and work. Because no matter what, bills still have to be paid.
Now, you know my educational goal (graduating from UOP with a 3.0 or better) but my all time career goal is to be President or Vice President of a major fortune 500 company. I often think to myself “this dream is too far fetched and I may never accomplish it.” However when I see African American leaders such as Ursula M. Burns (First African American Women to be CEO of Xerox) and Franklin Raines (First African American Male CEO of Fannie Mae) I know my goal is reachable. During this course I learned about the writing process and how it can help me during my academic career. The writing process consists of five steps, Prewriting: Organizing your thoughts and brain storming, Rough Draft: Begin writing your thoughts on paper. Revise: Ask yourself “do my sentences make since? Have I gotten my point across? Edit: Check for misspelled words and make sure your using correct grammar and punctuation and last your Final Copy: Write everything the way you want it make it your best. Our written word sets us ahead of the pack. It’s often the first thing you present to a potential employer. It sets a tone and within that tone you can talk about your skills, abilities and how you can be beneficial to an employer. Your written word shows maturity, incorrect grammar, spelling and word usage gives a bad impression. Having the reputation of a good writer can really pay off; having an effective writing style can have a great impact on anyone’s career. Our written word cannot only have an affect on you, but on anyone who reads it. Know your audience and speak directly to them, writing gives us a chance to leave a peace of ourselves on paper, so be as good as you can be and never stop improving. How can the choices I make today affect me tomorrow? This question can have a very lengthy answer. I chose to attend University of Phoenix; I chose to be a welder, instead of a fitter. We are surrounded by choices, and the right choice can have a great impact on us while the wrong choice can set us back. I’ve learned to think responsibly and make sure the choices I make are the right ones