Essay on Acceleration Report chapters 1-8

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Brady McWaters
Book Club Responses: Acceleration
1. 3 Topic Questions
a) Why is it that the owner of the journal has not come to claim his journal? Because you can't not realize that the journal that contains all your plans and documentation of killing animals and humans
b) What are the main intentions of the killer? Does he have set clear goal?
c) Why does Duncan not tell anyone about this journal? He could get a lot more help if he told someone.
2. Passage I found interesting
P.6 “This is no science experiment---at least none we ever did in school.
I look at the various times in relation to liquids, understanding finally what it means. My stomach twists around. It's an experiment to find out how long it takes for mice to drown in different liquids."
-Where the main part of the story begins
-The beginning of his discoveries in the journal
-Where the trouble begins
-Good description of emotion by the author
4. Connection
In chapter 2 when Duncan is describing when he was in the water and swimming naturally, seeing his friends on the beach, it reminded me of when I went camping with my friends and we were in the water all day.
-3 friends in both Duncan and my own experiences
-At the beach feeling natural in the water Brady McWaters
Book Club Questions (Acceleration)
1. a)Why does Duncan not bring his journal to the police? -They would be able to track him -The killer is most likely armed so it would be safer to go to the police -Better chance of finding him with their technology -He wouldn't have to deal with all the emotional problems that go with reading this journal -Could go back to being a normal kid
Answer: Duncan does not go to the police because he thinks that they wouldn't be able to do anything with it and because he thinks he needs to redeem himself from the drowning girl b)Why does Duncan not go to therapy anymore about the drowning girl? -He still has problems with it -Barely was able to get in the water without remembering it -Therapy would help him a lot -Would prevent him from feeling the need from tracking down the killer -He would be able to get some sleep without nightmares
Answer: I believe that he doesn't and says he is okay because if he went to therapy then he would most likely be forced on sleeping pills and he always felt bad after he took them. c)Why does Duncan go