Acceptance: The New Colossus and Jewish Senior Returns Essays

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The couple walks through the cereal isle of the grocery store, both holding a hand of their young girl. They smile and contemplate the cereal choices, should it be Lucky Charms or Raisin Bran? Their child grins at the sugary options. One man looks on with a speculative frown. The father, a man with midnight skin, lifts his beautiful, bronze daughter into the air to reach for her final decision, while his fair skinned wife takes the box from her daughter’s small hands. Their love is evident through their interactions with each other. Could it be that the observer disapproves of the empty calorie breakfast choice or the inter-racial marriage? A woman passes by and warmly regards the scene; maybe remembering her own shopping experiences with her children, unfazed by the couples blended races. A Jewish senior returns home from a field trip to the Holy Land of Jerusalem and a Christian pilgrimage having followed in the footsteps of Christ. Through this experience, he gained an insight that allowed him to appreciate the dedication of all Christians. Although this did not alter his own religious beliefs, the young man was able to accept others' views for what they were. All around, there are people with greater struggles. Even at the normal schools, students suffer through learning disabilities. America has provided special classes, teachers, jobs and other programs, to provide the very best for these special but challenged people. Theses programs; however, were made by a select few from the hundred millions of people living in the United States. What do you do when you see a kid with Down's Syndrome, Autism, or Dyslexia? Do you accept them for who they are, or do you judge them for what they are not? There is a highly intelligent boy who sits at a laboratory style table for AP Chemistry. He knows what he is talking about and takes a very deep interest in all he does. Although he tries his hardest to join the other conversations, all he has to talk about are his electronics and school. Should he be dismissed or the topic be changed to allow him to join? It takes understanding of where he is coming from for others to…