Access Control and Wlan Facility Essay

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i). Statement of Policy
This policy statement seeks to address the optimum and responsible use of the wireless local area network WLAN facility available at the university in relation to specific network security issues. The issue of concern in this policy is the promotion of responsible use of the WLAN facility among the university’s student and workers. The strategy aims at preventing security problems that may arise from the misuse and malicious exploitation of the facility by people granted approval to access the university’s WLAN information systems.
a) Scope and Applicability
The scope of this policy statement covers the hardware, software and access protocols associated with the WLAN use by students and workers at the university. The policies adopted will seek to regulate access permissions for the users of the WLAN facility and to promote responsible use in line with policies outlined in this policy document and by industry standards and legal requirements of use.
b) Definition of Technology Address
The WAN is available for use by the students and workers within the university. The WLAN facility provides access to information systems meant to facilitate the learning and worker needs by providing information access and software platforms.
c) Responsibilities
The administration and management of the WLAN facility is the responsibility of appointed network administrators at the university’s faculty of Information and Communication Technology. The network administrators are tasked with managing access control protocols, hardware and software maintenance, network security, and undertaking the necessary development and improvement as required (David & Michael, 2010, P.47). The network administrators are tasked with drafting suitable policies, including this policy document, which would be used to guide the governance, optimization and further development of the WLAN facility. ii). Authorized Access and Usage of Equipment
The WLAN has been designed to offer unlimited communication, data sharing, and limited access to information stored on university server stations as described by the specific user-access protocols for all students and staff.
a) User Access
User access for the WLAN’s information system is regulated through various verification and encryption configurations managed by the network administrators (Curt, 2010, P26). Access is granted through login and password authentication for computers, laptop and mobile devices. They are installed in the various learning facilities in the premises and those owned by students.
b) Fair and Responsible Use
The WLAN is available to all registered students at the university and to authorized workers in their respective workstations. The users of the WLAN facility are advised and required to exercise reasonable and adequate measures in ensuring ethical use of the network and to avoid actions that may infringe on the right of others to using the network.
c) Protection of Privacy
In as much as data encryption and login authentication are concerned, measures have been taken towards ensuring privacy (Krishna, 2005, P.46). iii). Prohibited Usage of Equipment
Certain policies are defined that guide the student and worker use of equipment owned by the university consisting of the WLAN network and computer facilities.
a) Disruptive Use or Misuse
The university, through this policy document, prohibits the inappropriate, disruptive and consequently illegal use of the WLAN facility by the members granted access to the facility.
b) Criminal Use
Criminal use constitutes such activities which are prohibited by this document and are tantamount to the breach of set guidelines for this policy, and the set laws governing the ICT industry. Activities aimed at compromising the data stored on the server systems and client stations, disruption of services provided by the information system, and those aimed at illegally accessing unauthorized information will be liable to legal action (Denis,