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Britain’s prison population is increasing and the system is failing to cope. Latest statistics from the Prison Reform Trust indicate that 84 out of 134 prisons are overcrowded. The reoffending rate for prisoners serving a custodial sentence less than 12 months is 61%. With costs of detaining a prisoner now averaging £41,000 per annum, which rises considerably more for detaining young offenders, ion certain cases up to £250,000 per annum, the burden on the taxpayer is ever increasing and prison is failing to provide an effective deterrent, or reduce reoffending rates. There will always be a need for prison to maintain a civilised society. Protecting the general public from the most serious of crimes and criminals has to remain a top priority. Some offences are so serious that no other sentence can be given in this country. The British Crime Survey (BCS) from the Home Office, the most reliable measure of violent crime estimates that violent crime has fallen since 1995 and is now stable. The prison population in England and Wales was currently 85,697 on 22nd June 2012, an increase of 30% or 19,650 between 2001 and 2011. 55% of custodial sentences in 2011 were for 6 months or less. Alternative sentences and programmes of rehabilitation have been used in recent years, although sometimes perceived by the general public as the soft touch option, better results are being achieved. By using these other alternatives to custody, could reduce the prison population dramatically. What are some of the options for…