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Name/Location- Chicken Express 2850 West Washington Street Stephenville, TX 76401
Parking- As you pull in to the restaurant there are parking spaces on your right hand side going all the way down the length of the restaurant. There are two spots that are specifically labeled for the handicapped. They have the blue shield painted on the ground an also have the pole with a sign on it at the head of the parking spot so there is no confusion about whether this spot is for handicapped parking or not. But there is also parking in the back of the store and the parking spots continue to wrap back around the building parallel with the spots on the other side of the store that you saw when you first pulled in. this parking lot is paved and has recently gotten a makeover with lines sprayed for a small crossover section from the door to the parking spots and the drive thru line is marked so that cars are in a uniform line instead of scattered all about everywhere on their quest to place an order. While there are clearly marked handicapped parking spots parking in them does make it a litter longer of a trip to the register.
Doors/Entrances- The building has two front doors, one at the front of the store that is not used as often and the door that is regularly used as the front door. If you were to have to enter the store in a wheel chair most likely you would have parked in one of the handicapped spots this puts you in a predicament because of the distance that the spot is away from the regular front door. The spot almost makes you choose to enter through the door on the front of the building because it’s closer. It has a ramp and is fully accessible by wheel chair with ease. Both doors are plenty wide to accommodate even the largest of wheelchairs. I feel like if I was to have to open the door by myself in a wheel chair it might be a little difficult because I myself have trouble opening the door sometimes and I’m fully abled right now.
Restrooms- There are two bathrooms at the chicken express in Stephenville, one for the guys and one for the girls. The bathrooms are located directly to your right as you enter the store from the door on the side of the building, the one that is traditionally used as the front door. The first bathroom you’ll reach is the women’s bathroom. This bathroom is in my opinion rather big and fairly easy to access since you don’t even have to leave the store. In this bathroom is a regular toilet like would be in a regular house. There is a metal rail along the wall by the toilet for anybody who may need help setting down or getting up. The toilet paper is conveniently located right by the toilet within an arm’s length of reach. The sink is a free hanging sink to allow people in a wheel chair to same privilege of washing their hands before going back out leave or finish up a meal. The second bathroom as you may have guessed is the men’s restroom. It has almost the exact layout as the women’s restroom with the exception that this bathroom is smaller than the women’s. Although this bathroom is smaller it definitely is not small by any means is has plenty of room to still be easily accessible by a person