Accident & Illness Policy Essay

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Accidents, Illness and Emergencies Policy.
This is my policy on accidents, emergency and Illnesses. I am committed to providing a safe environment for the children in my care. I am required to have a valid and up to date first aid certificate so I can administer basic first aid if required, and my first aid box will be frequently checked, clearly labelled and easily accessible and will be stored in the Kitchen.
I also hold written permission from the parents, that is kept in the child’s records for me to seek emergency treatment if needed, such as taking the child to A&E if for example fell and deeded stitches and if unwell, take them to their doctors or if they needed, give them calpol if they had a temperature. If the child is unwell prior to the session and due to come in, then I will not accept the child until they are well and been clear for a minimum of 48 hours to eliminate any spread of the illness. I would obtain prior consent on the day from parents to administer medicine such as liquid antibiotics . I will also have a known responsible person as emergency back-up.
I will record all accidents in the Accident book.
In the event of an accident/emergency: * First I will assess the child while making sure that the other children are safe by putting them in a playpen, if older sit them, in a safe place that I can still see them. * If I can deal with the accident myself I will do so, by ringing the doctor * If I need urgent medical