Essay Accidental Drowning In South Florida

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Accidental Drowning In South Florida

Children in South Florida die from drowning at an alarming rate. South Florida carries the highest pool drowning death rate for children in the U.S. This has become such a high concern that groups such as the NDPA is determined to promote, develop and support training within the community in order to educate people with drowning prevention help.

As summer approaches parents and guardians should understand that the number one killer of South Florida kids is accidental drowning. Child and infant drowning is in fact one hundred percent preventable. Through adult supervision, proper barriers and swim safety lessons kids do not have to become part of these alarming drowning statistics. Statistics like 70% of drowning occur in swimming pools. The Florida Department of Health ranks Lee County second in drowning deaths and Broward County the highest. In Port Charlotte twin toddlers were found floating faces up in the family swimming pool. One lost their life and the other was left in a coma. No parent should have to grieve for the loss of their child when applying multiple levels of protection that anyone can follow can prevent this.

The number one reason for accidental child or infant drowning is poor supervision. Adults must understand that performing chores, chatting on the phone or caring for other children are a distraction. Most parents of drowning victims did not even know their child was missing. Studies show a child drowns within the first five minutes of entering a pool area. Following poor supervision is lack of proper barriers. All swimming pools should been surrounded by a four sided fence, have self latching locks on all doors or gates and doors leading to a pool area should have an alarm…