Essay on Accidents, Illness and Emergencies in the Early Years Setting

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Describe the policies and procedures for dealing with accidents, injuries, illnesses and other emergencies that are in place within the school setting (P3).
These policies and procedures of accident, injury, illness and other emergencies are in place within the school setting to govern working practices and provide quality and an agreed framework for action. The management within the school setting is responsible for creating the policies and for checking that they are being followed, and the staffs are responsible for implementing the policies.

As all staff and parents must be aware of these policies, you will often find them on a notice board, or in the settings brochure. It is also important that new staff are informed of these
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• Staff will report any worries about a child's health to the parents / carers immediately. Parents are responsible for keeping the school informed about their child's health.

• Children with infectious or contagious diseases will be excluded for certain periods. If staff suspect that a child has an infectious or contagious disease, they will request that parents / carers consult a doctor before returning the child to school and the school will seek advice from the Health Protection Agency.

• We recommend that children do not attend school while suffering from one of the communicable diseases and they should be excluded for the minimum periods recommended by their Doctor. Although exposure of children to a communicable disease in itself is not sufficient reason to require their absence from school, any child who becomes a home contact of diphtheria, poliomyelitis, typhoid and paratyphoid fevers will be requested to remain absent from school for the recommended time. The school will take advice from the Health Protection Agency.

• Coughs and colds do not normally require the child to be absent from school but this depends on the severity and how the child is able to cope with the school routine. A child who is, or who appears to be unwell may be asked to return home.

• A child who has sickness or diarrhoea whilst at school should be collected immediately and kept absent from school for 48 hours following the last bout of sickness or