Accomodation for indoor and outdoor animals. Essay

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Product and Description
Dimensions: The cat will have the entire 3 bedroom house to roam around.
However there will be one bedroom dedicated to the cat to sleep, play, eat and defecate.
This room will be 13x8ft.

This can be good as your cat is easily observed.
There are many areas for the cat to explore and hide.
This does not allow your cat the ability to experience a natural environment like that which they would find in a garden.
You can never exactly replicate the outside world.

Construction materials the Accommodation is made from:

The bedroom is made out of the usual material of bricks and plaster. There are also shelves located on the wall. These shelving will lead to holes in the wall which give the cat’s constant access to other rooms within the house. The shelving will be made completely out of wood and the will be floating shelves. Some of the shelves will be larger than the others. The shelves which are larger and some with curves in the middle will be covered in faux sheep skin. This will be ideal for the cat to sleep on.
However the great thing about having these holes in the wall is that you do not have to worry about whether or not you have left the door open.

Can give the cat a place to go high up, which can give them somewhere to observe their environment. This also allows them to use their hunting behaviours. As well as make them feel safe and secure.

A downfall for these shelves is that they will be high of the floor. If the cat was to somehow accidently fall of any of them they could seriously injure themselves.

The holes in the wall will be made the size of an average cat. If the cat you own ended up becoming slightly overweight there is a risk of them either getting stuck or not fitting at all.

Draughts are able to get in through the holes in the wall which can cause a difference in temperatures in the rooms with the hole. This can cause issues with controlling the environment within the house.


Scoop Free Automatic Litter Box:

This is an automated litter tray. The crystals inside the litter box absorb any moisture, dries out solids and neutralises any odours. After 20 minutes of having been used by the cat a rake will sweep through the litter tray and places any dried solids into the waste trap. This will not require cleaning, filling or emptying for up to 30 days. However if you have a sick or older cat then the cartridge will need to be changed more often.

As cleaning litter trays can be time consuming, by having this litter tray you can save time as you would not require cleaning this as often.

Due to the absorbent crystals it is less likely that there will be an odour eminating from the tray.

You are generally only required to clean this out every 30 days.
However just a few of the downfalls to this product is if you have a kitten or a geriatric they tend to have looser stools which can stick to the rake. Making it difficult to pick up any further mess.

Replacing cartridges can be expensive especially if you have to change it regularly because your cat has loose stools.

Natural Bamboo Radiator Cat Bed:

This bed is designed to hang on a radiator.
The outside of this is made out of slated bamboo. It also has a fur cushion inside for extra comfort. The bed simply hangs on the radiator with hooks.

This is great as it provides the cat with extra warmth.

This is designed in such a way as the cat feels safe and secure inside.

This could prove to be problematic as it can easily be knocked of the radiator by a person walking past.

It can also get too hot for the cat if the radiator is turned up high.

Ringo Faux Fleece Cat bed:

This bed is made of faux fleece fur. This is a soft bed for comfort for the cat.
This is oval shaped and soft to touch.

This bed is ideal for your cat to have in a quiet room. You could have one or two per cat in