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According to Ruth Palombo Weiss’ article Howard Gardner Talks about Technology, Howard Gardner is the creator who developed multiple intelligences and reminds us that technology should be regarded as a tool. He compares human development to the development of a computer. Gardner believes that every brain is unique and processes information differently. Even from birth, Garner says that the brain is working to process information using the five senses thus giving us multiple intelligences.

I think it’s great that education is using the different intelligences in teaching. With these multiple intelligences teachers are able to find which teachings are best suited for their students. In my co-teaching class we are able to group students by their learning ability. I also try to differentiate using multiple intelligence in my resource class. I have a student with autism who displays many of these intelligences. First, he is a visual learner. For most of my teaching I use visuals to help him learn new concepts. He is also an auditory learner. In ELA I use videos such as School House Rock and any other quirky videos which make learning easier and fun. This student also exhibits signs of a bodily learner. Movement helps him to stay focused while working on assignments in class. There are times when I see he is struggling on him work and I will switch his seat to either a rocking chair or a wiggle seat. These offend get him back on track.

While comparing a