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According to wiki “wireless security is the method of preventing unauthorised access to computers through wireless medium”. Today whole globe is under the massive use of wireless technology, every time various faults are being detected and thousands of people are involved to minimize risk each and every time. Because of the rapid use of technology especially wireless technology hackers are trying to invade the whole system and are trying various tactics to resolve the issues. In the book wireless security, Wolfgang Osterhage describes in brief about devices included in wireless security, through which wireless communication is being easy. Devices include are wireless local area network, Bluetooth, mobile phones, infrared, PDAs etc. which are equally responsible for other faults, errors in the network. WLAN is a milestone for interconnections of computers and their components in a high quality level for either private or big organisation users. This book explains in brief about how does these devices responsible for wireless security works, but let’s not get into the depth of functionality. WLANs is an alternate to wired local area network, by simple installation of access to points of the wired networks. There are various benefits of wireless LANs out of which some of them are as below: -
) Reasonable price
)) Mobility
))) Flexibility
)))) Agnostic with existing applications
))))) Quality performance The popularity of handheld devices is growing rapidly and thus has given option for PDAs. These devices are available at minimal reasonable price and hence produce new risks in security. In this both WLAN and PDAs, both of them possesses high risk like risk of password of connection, identification of weak spots, device that are being used such as devices with low quality carry more risk than authorised devices. Mobile phones now days are manufactured by many different companies which of them are of high quality where as some of them are of low quality. In above mentioned both devices the risk is as similar to mobile phones, these mobile phones can serve as a gateway for applications and attackers. Firstly the operating system which comes under architecture need to be test out and then only issues or faults will be seen after that issues related to security will be figured out. When there is a topic about mobile phones along with their comes Bluetooth and infrared which are attached to mobile phones and are used for transfer of files, videos, music etc. If attackers get access to Bluetooth of any devices then there will be massive chance of security vulnerabilities. Infrared is also another media for communication and its advantages are simple and minimal cost, requires low power, point to point connection, and reliability. Wireless security is a matter of concern and requires good strategies for security.
Over all this book deals with security issues, and way to mitigate risk, advantages and disadvantages of wireless devices and security issues related to them. The wide word internet has surpassed the way it was used in traditional market along with the door to possibilities for ecommerce. But not only has the opportunities of new way of business arisen, security issues, privacy issues are also in the main focus. The article by Gupta V and Gupta S “Securing the wireless Internet” discuss the way of implementing new standard security mechanisms with protocols in a small device. It’s not been ten years that these small hand held devices got popularity having convenient factor as price and easily available. But these small devices has some limitations like battery, memory, screen sizes etc. which makes the way of developing new applications almost challenging. As now days it is hard to image or almost impossible to imagine daily life without mobile phones and smart phones now days contains a lot of online activities like online banking, stock trading, shopping as well as online collaboration