Account Planning and Advertising Essay

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What’s the point?
Brand advertising (where the fun is)
The more you move away, the less happy
Objective: to create and support a brand’s personality that allows and explains the brand’s premium pricing
Premium pricing: charging more money for the brand
All great advertising manipulates its audience
Other forms:
Classified in newspapers
Promo ads of sales, deals, grand openings
Small space in magazines
Chapter 1: the basics
First, it’s all about the people
Business of brand advertising is all about the consumer
70% of all consumer purchases are on impulse
Then, the target market
Target market: target audience
1st question for campaign: “who is the target market?”
TM is the starting points and will dictate the whole campaign
The TM is gathered into groups
Marital status
Kids vs. no kids
Kids age
Then, me!:
Vital question: “What’s in it for me?”
Answer must be CLEAR. If it isn’t, then they move on.
The visual, headline, body copy, music, and actors must always be directed towards this question
Advertising always tries to get in the way of consumer’s lives.
Ex) want to be sexy towards women? We’re Axe and we will make you sexier and more appealing towards women.
They don’t pursue us, we pursue them.
Where advertising fits
Every business includes 3 broad disciplines (branches)
Couponing (short term change in pricing for tactical advantage)
Product development (both new product brands and refinements in existing brands)
Packaging graphics
Marketing communications (MARCOM)
Direct response (direct mail; direct response commercials such as infomercials)
Sales promos (contests, games, sweepstakes, free merchandise online and offline)
Collateral (brochures, sales sheets, product sheets)
Interactive (2 way experience: social media and blogs/1 way experience aka advertising medium: ad is received by TM and no response is expected)
Trade shows
Brand placement (Trueman show)
Advertising (newspaper, magazine, radio, tv
Advertising (1 of 9 MARCOM devices used to communicate with TM)
Persuasive communication
Paid medium
Identified sponsor
Subservient to marketing
Used to communicate with TM
Marketing is the dog, and MARCOM is the tail… the tail doesn’t wag the dog
Concentrating on advertising copywriting, not copywriting.
Key difference between advertising and other MARCOM branches is that advertising is always spread via a medium
Medium: device that carries the advertising message to the TM and includes
Print (magazines and newspapers)
Tv (cable)
Cinema (ads in theaters)
Out of home (billboards, airports, transit)
Internet (1 way= pop ups, youtube pre rolls, banners/2 way= fb, twitter, insta)
Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC): using several MARCOM devices in the same campaign.
It all starts with branding
Brands are vital to advertising, and advertising is vital to brands.
Brands are friends and relationships; they are their most valuable assets
Ex) Gatorade, Coca-Cola, Cheerios
Brand faces:
Packaging graphics
Why go through all that trouble and expense? MONEY
What is General Mills without Cheerios? Just a “grain” company
What is Proctor and Gamble without Ivory? Just a “soap” company
Brand turn a commodity into a specialty (brand) so they can control the pricing and give brands higher perceived values.
Brands cost more than unbranded products/store brands (private label brands)
Role of advertising in branding
Name + face, then personality (created by brand advertising)
Cost a lot of money because they can’t let you forget about that brand
Brands live in our hearts, so we pay extra
We’re not in the reality business, we’re I the perception business
Post Golden Crisp cereal and the Sugar Bear mascot
Bear is part of your family, vs. the Aldi’s
We are a perception business

Chapter 2: the advent of modern American consumerism: book one of the advertising