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15 Nov 06


1. Purpose: To provide information on the Army Continuing Education System (ACES) centralized, automated, and virtualized Tuition Assistance (TA) process through

2. Facts.

a. ACES recently implemented a revolutionary modernization and new automated business process called Centralized Tuition Assistance Management (CTAM), giving Soldiers virtual access to request Army Tuition Assistance (TA) online through a new portal called GoArmyEd, which was launched on 1 Apr 06.

b. Soldiers began requesting TA through GoArmyEd on 1 Apr 06 for classes that began 1 May 06 and beyond.

c. In order for Soldiers to obtain TA, they must have an active account on GoArmyEd. Therefore, Soldiers should visit the website, and register for a login/password as soon as possible. After completing the required in-processing steps online, Soldiers then need to contact their Army Education Center and request to have their account activated.

d. Obtaining a login/password does not obligate the Soldier to take eArmyU or any other college courses.

e. Effective 1 Apr 06:

(1) Schools submit invoices electronically for classes with start dates of 1 May 06 or later.

(2) Schools enter course schedules electronically into GoArmyEd.

(3) Schools submit grades to GoArmyEd electronically. If a passing grade is not submitted recoupment procedures will be initiated by the system.

(4) Soldiers will identify their chosen degree/certificate program and request TA online through

(5) The record of courses previously taken and the Soldier’s degree plan will be accessible to the Soldier online.

(6) TA eligibility checks will be automated. If TA is approved, a request for enrollment will be passed electronically to the school.

(7) If the TA request is not approved, the Soldier will be notified of necessary corrective action(s). Education Center personnel will be available to assist with resolving TA issues.

(8) The Soldier will annually obtain a Commander’s signature on a TA statement of Understanding (SOU). Sergeant First Class (SFC) and above may sign for the Commander. Each term, the Soldier will recertify the TA SOU online.

(9) If a Soldier needs to withdraw from class, the withdrawal must be done online through GoArmyEd. The withdrawal will be forwarded to the school.

(10) If the Soldier withdraws for personal reasons, recoupment procedures will be initiated by