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• My Career.
• My career is an Accountant. The salary for it is $61,690 per year and $29.66 per hour.
• The educational need is a Bachelor's Degree.
• I have chosen an Accountant because some of the things I like about it is that it pays really well. It deals with computers sometimes and I like to work on a computer, I don't mind doing paperwork either. Things that I won't like about being an accountant is the few years that I'll be in college trying to get my Bachelor’s Degree, probably be working full time, and all the hard work that I'll be doing to get started.
• Most accountants usually work in offices, which is hopefully where I will work.
• My changes in high school to where I can reach my goal.
• Some of the classes I think I should take is mathematics, finance classes, some kind of speech class, and more computer classes since accounting is where you prepare or examine financial records.
• Schools that I need to go to and the associated costs.
• The schools that I need to go to for sure is: High School (of course) and I plan to go to UTC. I’m not so sure on what it’ll cost to get in and all but I’ll figure that out once it’s about that time to really be thinking about it.
• Ways to pay for my education.
• If I end up having to pay for my education I will get a job or whatever is needed.
• Why is my career important to me?
• My career is important to me because it’s something that I’ve actually wanted to do. I love working on a computer and I love