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On November 21, 2012 Hostess Brands announced it had not reached an agreement with the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Union and the Bankruptcy court had approved a shutdown of the company ( All that is required to be a part of the BCTGM Union is to have a majority of employees authorization cards turned in to determine the want for the Union to be a part of the company. Hostess Brands, a maker of American breads and treats, in business since 1930 with over 18,000 workers is now in the process of closure after talks with the BCTGM Union failed and workers had walked off the job stopping production. A union bargain is normally conducted through a process of collective bargaining, collective bargaining is a process between the company and the representatives of the employees through the union to negotiate wages, benefits and working conditions (, 2013) When this process fails the fallout is often costly and results in lost sales and possibly going out of business as was the case with Hostess Brands. In collective bargaining the Union and the company come to an agreement on specific terms on the table and sign an agreement keeping the terms in place for a specific amount of time before the terms need to be negotiated again. The benefits for employees to have a union is the union provides a representative who listens to the employees wants, needs and desires and works with the company to see that these goals are attained or some type of fair agreement is met. The organization has the benefit of working with the union as one voice of the employee instead of several voices all saying different needs. The company can