Accounting: Balance Sheet and Customer Service Essay

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Business Plan

Business Plan
The name of my business is DL-TEK-Consulting. This business will be structured as a specialized corporation known as a LLC (Limited Liability Company). This type of structure is ideal for my business because the tax advantages over the others and for the asset protection, sole-proprietorships and partnerships have little asset protection. Even though my new business is a listed as a corporation I hold 100% of the shares and make all the commanding decisions for the business.
As an Information Technology Service provider will be providing full-service helpdesk, desktop support, IT project staffing and infrastructure startup for small to mid businesses that want to improve their business and setup for the future. The following is what I tend to provide to our customers:
•Call management and adept customer service
•1st and 2nd level support
•Severity level prioritization and queue management
•Proactive call escalation hand-off management
•Post-mortem ticket management and reporting
•Follow-up management
•Remote control desktop troubleshooting and support
•Application support including but not limited to Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft Exchange Lotus Notes, Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Safari, Zip and Compression applications, Adobe applications, Anti-Virus suites, Instant Messaging, etc.
•Operating system support including but not limited to Microsoft Windows (including Server), Microsoft Active Directory, Linux, Unix, Citrix environments, Virtual environments (VMware), etc. Sine I have over ten years in the Information Technology field I will oversee all IT departments.
As for accounting department it will play a major role in my business they will need to figure how much capital will be needed to pay for projects and their components. Accounting will also be required to utilize tax advantages as well as allocate capital to the company’s best advantage. Major financial reports have been prepared showing how all investments that will be put toward the profitability of the company as well as the projected sales for the first year. An initial balance sheet has been prepared showing the company’s assets and liabilities for the first quarter. Balance Sheet | First Quarter 2012 | | | | DL-TEK-Consulting | | | | | | | | | | Current Assets: | | | | | Cash | $ 7,000 | | | | Accounts Receivable | 155,000 | | | | Equipment | 4,000 | | | | Prepaid Insurance | 1,000 | | | | Total Asset | | $167,000 | | | | | | | | Liabilities: | | | | | Accounts Payable | $ 2,200 | | | | Wages Payable | 62,000 | | | | Notes Payable | 2,000 | | | | Total Liabilities: | | $66,200 | | |

The responsibility center budgets have been prepared for the first year of business to show how all investments will be spread to different areas of the company. The cost center will be made up for the receptionist and money allocated to that center will provided for necessary office supplies and equipment, internet service and receptionist wages. The profit centers will be the Help/Service department and Desktop & IMAC Support department, money allocated to this cost center will cover for computer equipment, internet service support, Cell phones and all salaries in these departments. My investment center will be made up of the IT projects and advertising department. This department is responsible for advertising, new clients, equipment upgrades, infrastructure advancements and possible expansions in the future.
DL-TEK-Consulting will be looking for specific skill requirements when hiring staff members for the accounting department. For entry level clerks I will be looking for recent accounting graduates with excellent Excel skills and a GPA of 3.0 and above. For auditing I