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E-Business model
1. E-retailing:
2. Online shopping malls: Page5 storefront model
3. it helps in finding doctors and medical professionals. Physicians can become the member of webmd. Portal model
4. fee based portal for legal help. Provide access to case and legal data. Portal model
5. portal site for women. Provides news and informations about woman's health and their hobbies etc. Portal model
6. gaming site, revenue generation by advertisements. Visitors become traders of entertainment stocks and bonds. Dynamic pricing model.
7. free hosting. Free shopping cart, free auction tools. Revenue generation by strategic partnership and referrals. Dynamic pricing model.
8. B2B market place, satisfactory customer service. B2B Service Provider.
9. online recruitment website. Revenue generation by number of jobs a company wishes to post and frequency with which the posts are updated. Recruiting on web.
10. or for business travellers, provides reimbursement of any happenings. Revenue generation by advertisements, transactions. ALSO TripSay gets fundings from Finnish government and