Accounting: Friendship and Aquapure Bottled Water Essay

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Your supervisor enters your office and asks you for a check for $150.00 forexpenses he tells you he incurred entertaining a client last night. Hesubmitsreceipts from a restaurant and lounge. At lunch your supervisor’sgirlfriend stopsby to pick him up for lunch and you overhear her telling thereceptionist what agreat time she had at dinner and dancing with your supervisor the night before.
What do you do?
Just write out the check because he is my supervisor and I have to do what he says or I may get fired.
Bank Teller:
You have worked as a bank teller for several months when one of the other tellerswho has become a good friend tells you that her daughter is extremely ill and thatshe must have an operation to survive. She also tells you that she has no insuranceand the operation will cost $10,000. Sometime later you ask her about herdaughter and she tells you she is just fine now. She then confides in you that shetook $10,000.00 from a dormant account at the bank to pay for the operation.She assures you that she has already started paying it back and will continue to doso until it is all returned.
What do you do?
I would act like I didn’t know anything about it.
In your spare time at work, you have developed a new spreadsheet program on thepersonal computer in your office. It is even more powerful, yet easier to sue thananything on the market. You share your new program with a friend whoencourages you to market it on your own because you could probably make anincredible profit in a very short time. This is a very attractive option, yet youdeveloped it using company equipment and during time that you were at work.
What do you do?
I would most likely promote it to make a lot of money.
Your newspaper has published a report on a national study, which concluded thatbottled water has virtually no health advantages over the tap water in more cities,including yours. The study included comments from local health storeowners andwater distributors challenging the study. The AquaPure Bottled Water Company,advertising account worth over $75,000.a year, has threatened to pull its accountwith your newspaper unless you run another story of equal prominence, focusing onthe benefits of bottled water.
What do you do?
I would let them pull their account.

Your company has a firm policy regarding cases of theft of company property.Used company equipment is on a table to be sold by bid each month. You see avalued employee who is 2 months from retirement slip an electric drill from thetable and put it in his car before the day of the sale.
What do you do?
I would tell the supervisor.

Real Estate
A lady from out of town calls you to list her deceased parent’s home in Liberty.She is not sure what it is worth, but says she will be happy to get $50,000.00 forthe home. You look at the home and feel it is worth at least $75,000, and realize it would be perfect for your brother.
What do you do?
I would list her home at $75,000.00.

You have a student who is from a single parent family. The student must work toattend college. However, the job is interfering with the student’s performance andseveral assignments have not been turned in. You have determined that a “D” is allthe student can make when a counselor informs you that the student need a “C” toqualify for an academic scholarship.
What do you do?
I would give him a “C” because he’s doing SOME WORK.
You are the buyer for a retail-clothing store.