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Planning an Innovation-Technology-Driven System for Unilever
BUS 6180
Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
Executive Summary 3
Introduction 4
IT-Driven Enterprise Configuration Group Evaluation 4 Gantt Chart 5 Graphic Model 6
Strategic Application System Domain 7
Developmental Issues 8
Management Issues 8
Rationalization 9
Abdullah Bajammal 10 Cassandra Wolf 11 Ao You 12
References 13

Executive Summary
Unilever is our life partner. Our mission, “ work to create a better future every day” continues to inspire us to achieve the goal of increasing market share by 50% through technical competency and respect for our customers. They will lead for responsible growth, inspiring people to take small everyday actions that will add up to a big difference.
This report outlines a proposal that builds on Unilever’s established Mobile Enterprise Configuration to offer another innovative, yet very cost effective, option for its customers by establishing a network of shops. The IT mobile enterprise enables employees use mobile devices to do all of the following: access email, manage projects, manage documents, provide customer relationship management, conduct enterprise resource planning, fill out invoices and receipts, accounting vouchers, work orders, purchase orders, etc. and manage a corporate calendar and address book.
With the implementation of this IT project in the year 2016, we have expect to expand our presence into emerging markets, which will open up new market shares, that has yet been accounted for. Thus, positioning Unilever to achieve its goal of increasing market share by 50%.
As Unilever’s customers and users of web-enabled mobile devices, people’s productivity and satisfaction is hugely enhanced when they can exercise the option to incorporate these mobile devices in their routine personal and work activities. The increased trends in people’s preference towards web-enabled mobile devices have the potential to increase Unilever’s customer base with a significant business return to Unilever’s shareholders.

IT-Driven Enterprise Configuration
Group Evaluation
As previously determined in Project 2, Unilever plans to change from an agile inter-enterprise to a mobile inter-enterprise configuration. We appreciate that with this new system, all units of our company will connect wirelessly. Additionally, employees will have handheld devices to access necessary information at all times, no matter where they are located. These improvements should make operations more effective and seamless.
Thus, we have outlined the following 25 stages of IT-driven enterprise configurations that are necessary for Unilever to undertake. Following, there is a list with the stages and then a Gantt chart with a specific timeline.
Project Preparation:
1) Set project objectives
2) Create qualified team of employees and work with consultant
3) Set forth specific job descriptions for each team member
4) Define project scope and resources
5) Begin Phase 1 of necessary employee training
Business Blueprint
1) Evaluate how the company does business
2) Share results of evaluation with team
3) Select specific business processes from 800 SAP standard processes
4) Finalize customized SAP processes for Unilever
5) Begin Phase 2 of necessary training
1) Configure baseline system with consultant
2) Have Project Team fine-tune the system to meet all business processes requirements
3) Configuration Testing of business processes
4) Use IMG to further test and fine-time the current system
5) Provide Level 3 training on expertise in a given applications and specialties
Final Preparation
1) Fine tune the R/3 system
2) Ensure data migration from the old to the new system
3) Perform volume, stress, and integration