Accounting Information System

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Chapter 3 Acknowledgement 3
Chapter 4 Executive summary 3
Chapter 5 Introduction 3
Chapter 6 AIS (Automatic identification system) 3
Chapter 7 Business cycle 3
Chapter 8 Advantages and implications 3
Chapter 9 Disadvantages 3
Chapter 10 Conclusions 3
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I would like to thank my parents for giving me an opportunity to obtain my education and to learn in my preferred field and for their support during my work on the project. Finally, I would like to thank my educators, whose expertise and assistance helped me to complete this project. Executive summary
I have been approached by a businessman who is preparing to start up a business operation and I have determine what role an Accounting Information System plays in there ongoing operation. After that, I have to prepare a report for my client providing them with their Information and recommendations about employing an Accounting Information system.
The introduction of the new product is always challenging because the new product has to overcome barriers to entry and to reach the target customer group. The current business plan offers the introduction of the new laptop that focuses on international markets and young customers, who need long running laptops at affordable price. The new laptop can overcome existing tight competition due to the lower price and longer battery life. At the same time, the introduction of the new laptop should also involve the coordination of internal business operations and interaction between design, production and sales department and gaining the customer loyalty and confidence. Introduction
Overview of the product
The product is a new 13 inch laptop, which distinct feature is the longer battery life compared to conventional laptops due to the use of SSD instead of HDD and other innovations introduced in the product. The longer battery life makes the new laptop closer to notebooks with retaining the functionality of a conventional laptop.
Aim of the business plan
The aim of the business plan is to elaborate legally correct and economically grounded plan of the introduction in the market the new product to meet its target customer group and to reach the target market share of the new product.
Scope and limitations
The current business plan focuses on the market of 13 inch laptops and implies the international market expansion of the new product. The new product will be sold online. However, the scope of the business plan is limited to the analysis of the new product’s prospects compared to five laptops, which are popular today in the market and hold a strong position internationally.
The methodology of the current study involves the analysis of current studies related to the laptop market and its further development. In addition, the analysis of the current marketing performance of the major rivals of the new laptop has allowed finding out its competitive position and accurate identification of the target market and target customer group.
Business plan details
Business information
The introduction of the new product, the new laptop, involves the production and distribution of the product. The new laptop will be assembled in Taiwan due to the low costs of the labor force, while the automated quality control system will ensure the high quality of the product. The laptop will be distributed online via the website of the company and online retailers (Viaduct, 2001). Basically, the online company targets at the mass customers but it does not necessarily mean that its major goal is to expand its presence in the market enormously within a relatively short period of time. In other words, aggressive and expansive strategy is not the major goal of the company and it is not its major tool to achieve success in the market (Gibson-Graham, 2006). Instead, the online company is supposed to be a small business, the company that primarily