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Quick File

Quick File is an enterprise resource planning software targeted towards various different sorts of clients. Thus, they provided many functions for the users to track their businesses and analysis. These are the main functions. First, list accounts list systematically. It could manage customer files and evaluating performances of the businesses. Then, the payroll system helps to integrate tax computation application that is always up-to-date and comply with the HMRC and help in calculating VAT. Lastly, company performance analysis. It has tools for measuring performance analysis on current activities. Reports can be customised and exported according to individual preferences, leading to more efficiency in making business decisions (profit and loss, balance sheet).

Quick File is designed for small and medium enterprises (SEMs) such as a sole trader, partnership company and non profit charity organizations. It provided a systematic and easy to use system which is no charge. Most common users of such a system are likely to be retailers and service distributors; i.e. those with a small customer database, with little or no complexity in their accounts. Consultancies may be a good example for the service industry.

Quick File has integration with other system. Firstly, it has fully integrated with Dropbox in order to keep users' receipts, business documents, HMRC correspondence, contracts etc. . In addition, Quick File also fully integrated with Companies House with track filing dates. These two systems could help users to organize their private documents. Lastly, there is an online integration with HMRC allowing VAT