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Riordan Manufacturing
Wali Jackson
Kristie Gregar-Skillman

Riordan Manufacturing is manufacturing company for plastic that has different plants in a few locations throughout the world. Riordan Manufacturing has about 550 people employed and projected annual earnings of about $46 million. The companied is owned by Riordan Industries. This manufacturing company has a plant in Albany, Georgia that produces plastic beverage containers, a plant in Pontiac, Michigan that produces custom plastic parts, and facilities in Hangzhou, China that produces plastic fan parts. Corporate headquarters is located in San Jose. Riordan Manufacturing supplies many different companies but main major companies like automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, the Department of Defense, beverage makers and bottlers, and appliance manufactures. The sales and marketing department is made up of seven different sections. One of the sections is the historical sale that is responsible for keeping record of older sales that has happened in the past. This also includes the pervious customer costs, margins, and discounts that may have been given and most importantly dates of orders and deliveries. Since Riordan has 15 to 20 major customers and a few minor ones, they also have a sales database that keeps track of the businesses. Each of Riordan Manufacturing locations have their own finance and accounting systems that provide input which is reported to the corporate office in San Jose. Each of the systems basic components include general ledge, accounts payable, accounts receivable, order entry, procurement, sales and purchasing history, invoicing and shipping, payroll, and financial reporting. The payroll system keeps track of the records of the wages and salaries for all the Riordan Manufacturing employees. Accounts payable system holds the records that consist of the amounts paid out to suppliers while accounts receivable system holds the records of the amounts paid in from customers. The general ledger is the central account record. It has information on all the credits and debits of Riordan Manufacturing. The San Jose corporate office has a few extra components including EDI, bar code reading, and executive decision support system. In San Jose, the locations financial and accounting system has a license for a windows based ERP manufacturing, distribution and financial management software application that is specifically designed for plastics processors and process and assembly manufacturers. This license however, does not include application source code. Michigan invested in a vendor developed software application and attendant source code for their FD & A and process application. Since the vendor has went out of business the hardware that this location is currently using consist of a VAX400 work stations programmed in C, running on a pair of DEC Alpha’s, using VMS operating system. Georgia also invested in a vendor developed software application and the attendant source code for their financial and accounting manufacturing process applications that is different from Michigan’s. The hardware that is used to support this system is an UNIX operating system, running on a pair of AS400’s, programmed in RPG400 and PC’s running windows for workstations. The company also has another information system know as the HRIS system that was installed in the year 1992. It is part of the financial systems package and is responsible for keeping track of employee’s personal information; like name, address, birth date, etc.; pay rate, personal exemptions for tax purposes, hire date, seniority date, organizational information, and vacation hours. Payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable are all apart of the accounting information system. These things all work together because they are all expenses and income that has to do with the company, which is kept track of by the accounting