Accounting: Management and Different Levels Essay

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Management Levels

Managers at all different levels of a company have to make decisions on behalf of the business. Different levels of management have different responsibilities and task they must accomplish in order for operations of the business to run smoothly. There are four main functions that are applicable in the management process, which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Corporations follow these steps to have a successful business.

Management Levels Managers at all levels of a corporation have to make decisions on behalf of the company. The differences for the decision-making depends on the different challenges and projects companies have to make decisions on. Higher-level managers make decisions that will affect a company throughout the distant future. The entry level or low-level managers are the once who make daily decisions to make sure operations for the business is going well. Each decision made relates to the four main functions of management, which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling, There are three different levels of management strategic (top-level) management, tactical (middle-level) management, and operational (frontline) management. Strategic management involves decision making for business long-term goals and planning. Joe Smith from Joe’s Steel Corporation would fall under this category strategic management. Mr. Smith is the CEO for the corporation. He has the final authority on all decisions regarding the direction of the corporation. Strategic management decisions set a foundation for tactical and operational managers to be able to strategize and make decisions of what top-level management has already chosen or approved for certain task or projects. Top-level management requires that their meeting their long term