Accounting: Multimedia and Asda Essay

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For P1 I have to explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes. Also I’ve been asked to carry out an audit on the types of information used within a business. I have to write to show the results of my investigation into information in an organisation witch I’ve been chosen. The organisation witch I choose is ASDA.

Type of Information | Example | Purpose | Source | Verbal | Interview | If you want to join in ASDA team and work for it, you have to apply for an interview and represent yourself as a good employee. | Human Recourses Department | Written | Number of sales and purchases | Recording of sales and purchases is important thing for ASDA. If you control your company balance you have to know if ASDS got profit or loss, also bookkeeper or company manager should compare ASDA’s profit with previous month or year to know by how much they got profit or loss. | Sales Department | On-screen | Presentation for new workers | To explain and give information for new employees. Using PowerPoint presentation you can show in different slides all information that ASDA’s employee must do. | Management Department | Multimedia | Advertisement | Every supermarket companies including ASDA need to advertise their products. There are many methods how to advertise: in ASDA’s website, in newsletters, TV and radio. | Marketing department, IT (Multimedia) Department. | Web-based | Price chosen and comparison | This department is mostly responsible for shop webpage. Today if you want buy something you can choose it at ASDA website, check this item price, description and quality. | IT department. |

Face-to-face verbal communication is the best ways how to communicate. You can currently explain your idea and discuss about it. However, sometimes is not possible to meet a person, so there is also one good way to communicate – by telephone conversation.
Written information may come from a wide variety of sources including books, trade journals, newspapers and government publication.
Information may be produced on-screen. For example – many companies use Microsoft PowerPoint to explain any kind of information. The information could be for new staff – to introduce and give important information.
Media can be text, audio, graphics, animation, data and video. Today, the word multimedia is used quite frequently, form DVD’s to CD-ROMs to even a magazine that includes text and pictures. There are a lot of examples how ASDA use different multimedia devices to advertise their products. By radio, TV, newsletters, internet (ASDA’s website) even it could be behind the bus stop – big advertising poster.

Web-based information displays many benefits of multimedia technology. Using today’s fast broadband connections it is possible to connect anywhere in the world who has internet connection. Many companies do important conversations using Skype, they can communicate by texting each other or by using video-call. For example if you want to ask any question about ASDA you can send them email. Also using ASDA website you can check any product and compare it with another by price and quality.
There are different types how ASDA can communicate with each other:
Face-to-Face: When ASDA’s manager what to explain new idea or new strategy to increase their profits and make a higher profit they usually meet ASDA’s employees to discuss it.
E-mail: As well as “Face-to-Face” this method is good to give information to person. Usually ASDA send an email to remind about any meeting or something like