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The Human Resources executive director position is a position that requires a bachelor’s degree as the minimum requirement. The position requires that you have some managerial knowledge, especially within the human resources field and is a full time position. The starting salary is $65,000+ depending on your experience within the field.
Some of the duties as the HR executive director aside from management are recruitments, benefits, conducting research, providing as well as creating analytical reports related to the job field and customer service.
Accounting skills will definitely be helpful for this position because in a position like this, you’d be responsible for creating budget reports. These budget reports are important because they will help you decide what to do when it comes to employee recruitment, office supplies, etc.
My name is Vanessa. I’m 24 and live in Brooklyn, NY. I currently have an associate’s degree in Office Administration and am in the process of getting my Bachelor’s in Business Management, with a focus on Human Resources. I’m presently employed within the CUNY (City University of New York) system at a senior college, within the Human Resources department. I’m taking this course because, like most (if not all) of the class, I’m taking it because it’s a part of my major requirements. As far as prior knowledge, I’ve taken both Accounting 1 and 2 for my associates and we touched lightly on the managerial aspect of it and I seemed to have understood it with no problem, seeing as how Managerial accounting consists of terms.
The talents that I believe that can be possessed within my current role, would definitely be the task of time management. I’ve always had a good sense of time management but working within the Human Resources field has allowed me to practice it and be able to differentiate the things that need more attention than others. I hope this course will provide me with the tools needed to understand the accounting aspect of business as well as providing me with skills that I can use throughout my career within the Human Resource field.
If I could start any business, it would be an outreach, mentor/mentee type program. I would start it because I feel like youth, especially the youth of today don’t really have a person they can look up to for advice on various issues, due to them living in one/two parent homes and the parent is always working to provide for the family the best way they can.
A break even analysis is defined as a point in which a person’s revenue is equal to all of the costs that are related into the revenue that was received. The best way I can relate this to my life would be when I first started working. The first few jobs I had, I literally only had enough to cover the things I needed such as food, clothing, toiletries and transit fare. Looking back at it now, I realized it wasn’t the best way to go about things because when your 16-20, your still dependent on your parents.
Budget is defined as as a hypothesis audit. It’s an estimation of your revenue and expenses over a certain amount of time. Now that I’m financially independent, budgeting has become my best friend. Every two weeks, I find myself disbursing my check to what needs to be paid. I do this so that I can see what I have left to put towards other things like going out with friends on the weekend. It’s a skill that I’ve had to learn but now that I have a good grip on it, it’s working out pretty well.
A balanced scorecard is a procedure that is done to see what needs improvement within a company. It’s a measurement that identifies the internal and external outcomes of a given situation. The information that is received from these procedures allows for organizations to see what there weak and strong points are. The best way to describe this would be the consumer/producer relationship between a store and the people within