Difference Between Preparation And Preparation Of Coursework Assignment

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Preparation time:
Students should devote a minimum total of 20 hours to undertaking research/reading, drafting and finalising their Coursework Assignment.

Word limits:
Students must adhere to the minimum and maximum word limits for the Coursework Assignment which are:

2,000 (minimum) and 2,500 (maximum)

excluding references, quotations, footnotes and the bibliography. Quotations and footnotes should be kept to a minimum and appendices should not be included. Students should expect their work to comprise 6-8 A4 pages.

Note: Where students exceed the word limit, examiners will be instructed to mark only the first 2,500 words (or the equivalent thereof). In such cases, given that any recommendations/ conclusions given at the end will not be marked, it is unlikely that a good overall score could be achieved. Adhering to the word limit is therefore critical to success.

Format and Presentation:
Students should adhere to the instructions below.

The coursework assignment shall be word-processed
The file must be set up so that it can be printed on A4 paper.
The student’s name, login address, seminar number and seminar leader should appear on each page as part of he header.
All pages are to be numbered.
A plain, readable font should be used, Arial 11 is preferred.
A word count must be declared at the end of the Coursework Assignment and on the cover sheet.
Students should ensure that they make regular backups of their work so that, if computer problems are experienced, they will be able to complete and submit Summative Coursework Assignment by the deadline.
Students should keep a hard copy of their work in the event that an electronic file cannot be opened or becomes corrupted either before or after submission

It is vital that the Coursework Assignment submitted is the student’s own work. Kent Business School has a plagiarism policy that can found on the web site and students must comply with this. The assignment submitted may be subject to a plagiarism detection service. Non-compliance may result in a fail in this component. Students should note that they will need to sign a declaration that the work being submitted is entirely their own. This declaration is contained within a cover sheet that must be downloaded from moodle at the time the Coursework Assignment is being completed and before it is submitted.


Students must submit their complete Coursework Assignment to the Student Office on or before the date specified for the selected task on its cover sheet; PLUS the document must be uploaded to moodle.
Note: No extensions to this deadline will be given. The Coursework contributes 40% to the overall assessment and is therefore a compulsory component. If it is not received by the deadline it will not be marked and a mark of ZERO will be recorded.
The Coursework must be submitted with a cover sheet. This is can be downloaded from moodle. This cover sheet contains a declaration that the material being submitted is entirely the student’s own work and gives their consent for its submission to a plagiarism detection service requires students to include their signature to confirm this. The cover sheet must also include the student’s name, login address, seminar number and seminar leader.
Submissions without a complete, signed cover sheet will not be accepted.


There are three parts to this coursework assignment. The assessment has significant quantitative and qualitative (narrative) content. As a guide, students should expect parts (a) and (b) of the assignment , with accompanying notes, to comprise between 1 and 3 A4 pages and part (c) to comprise between 2 and 5 A4 pages.

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