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Case study

Question form the case: 1. The idea of building the student stuff exchange is work and Siena can obtain the financial interest if the website is used by students. The situation that Siena and Chelsea met has happened by lots of students, if the website has been set up and work as they expect than the transection fee can be earn, because students whether the one want exchange stuff or the one who selling second hand stuff can save their time in the website instead of posting ads on Kijiji or ebay. The website can help the student to manage their information and find out the most suitable exchange stuff. Base on the convenience of the website, students are willing to pay some transection fee in order to exchange stuff more quickly and convenience. 2. I think at the beginning of their business, to lease decision is the best channel for Siena and Chelsea. The lost knowledge which related to the database and payment processing lead to the potential of building a new website. The database is the foundation of an information system, so to build up a new website is wasting time and with high ratio to loss interest. The second channel which buy a website is not the practical for them, because buying a website need high financial support which they do not have. Therefore, to lease decision on ebay or Kijiji or even university student service website is the best channel for Siena and Chelsea to begin their own S2S business. 3. I think both of them are SMEs because they have their own function in different aspect. Chelsea is the one who handle the website, so he has the journalistic or editorial risk to ensure systems when it meet specific professional requirement. On the other hand, Siena will control the financial aspect of their website who control the payment and help customer to solve issues when meet at payment processing. Secondly, the student union can be their project sponsor. Student union is helping student to declare their voice and solving issues the students meet. So it will be the best project sponsor to help their website in both promotion and building database. Finally, Chelsea and student union will be the technical stuff. If Siena and Chelsea can cooperate with the student union then both