Accounting Systems Essay

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Accounting Systems
Aaron Sullivan
Getachew Wakgira
February 16, 2015

Accounting systems in Caesars Entertainment keep their procedures, controls, and accounting methods organized through manual and computerized tracking. Their general ledgers and accounting software modules have a relationship that maintains the accounting system together. Internal controls in the company have a huge effect on the company’s information system. Understanding these relationships will keep the business organized and help things stay efficient.
At Caesars Entertainment, the accounting systems team uses Oracle to achieve their defined business goals. Management must be able to use Oracle solutions and applications to design, configure, test, integrate, and deploy its methods. The Oracle system gives the company a fully integrated system that is fast, reliable, and affordable. In the table games department where I worked, our supervisors had multiple computers to work off of depending on their section. Each screen had to be logged in with a screen name and password assigned to each manager and had to be logged out before exiting their section. These systems would keep track of how much money was coming in from our players, how many chips were in the rack, and information about the players with or without a players card (average bet, time they sat down and left, buy-in, and cash out). Their system also allowed them to put in new player’s information and create a card that they could use at slot machines, tables, gift shops, and all their restaurants. Upper management (casino shift manager and director) at each property has access to looking at all the activity that is happening on the table games and slots of their property. The system would allow them to look any active machine or table and have all the players’ information, as long as they were using their card. Other than just keeping track of the money on the tables, the systems keep track of what machines are running hot (paying out more frequent), which ones are taking in more money, and what time of day, week, or month each machine is showing the best results. All of this information is gathered and submitted three times a day (once per shift) and checked over manually and inputted electronically by the incoming shift manager only on the tables. The accounting team then takes all the information and checks it over to make sure there are not any errors in the reports. Oracle allows them to consolidate quickly and bring up financial results on a regular basis to make sure the company is on the right track with their business goals.
The relationship between a general ledger and accounting software modules is that the general ledger is the backbone of the accounting system. The general ledger holds financial and nonfinancial information of an organization such as accounts receivable and payable, fixed assets, and cash for the accounting system. The information to create the income statement and balance sheet come from the data in the general ledger that the accounting software helps organize and help notify of any errors.
Internal controls of a company can be categorized as information processing in two types of controls: general controls and application controls. “General Controls is to control program development, program changes, and computer operations, and to secure access to programs and data.” (Boynton and Johnson, 2006, p. 407). The general controls consist of organization and…