Narrative Essay In English

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Courtni Bradley
English 1301
Texas Wesleyan
September 7, 2013

Even though I constantly made bad decisions I never expected to end up here. My reckless actions had finally come with a consequence. In the small cold room the light is so bright it illuminates off the walls. Yet to me it’s the darkest place id ever been. I lay on the hard metal bed with a thin mat and no pillow. I tried to cover my face with my thin shirt and my bare feet with my pant legs. I can’t remember ever being this cold before. “Why are jail cells so cold?” I asked the middle aged women lying underneath me. “To keep it clean. It illuminates bacteria.” That made sense to me so I tried to stop whining. I’d rather be cold then have an infection. I looked at the metal toilet and sink. There was no toilet paper and it was out in the open. There is no way in hell that I’m using the bathroom in here.. I’ve never been so desperate for anything in my life.
Even though there was no way for me to tell time it felt like a life time till morning. My cell mate informed me that you have to be patient until you’re able to see a judge for him to post your bail. I wasn’t even sure if anyone was going to bail me out. My father didn’t sound to promising on the phone when I was given my phone calls during booking. My father was old fashioned and believed in learning your lessons the hard way. Hurting my father was no were near the pain I felt when I spoke to my sister. I looked up to her and she had just talked to me a few days before about my choices. She tried to convince me that my drug and alcohol use wasn’t going to lead me anywhere positive. I officially proved her point. I was still a little drunk but the shock had begun to sober me up. I wondered where Autumn was right now? She’s not seventeen yet so she couldn’t go to jail. I