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My name is Rachelle Agatha, and I am the instructor for this course.
This section of Acct 104 is totally on-line. My personal goal for this course is to share Excel with you from the accounting and business perspective in the “Real World”. This is a beginning class, and assumes you do not know much Excel if anything. However, if you do know some Excel, you will most definitely learn some tips and cool tricks from me. I am a techy at heart. I am a CPA in California and have many years of practical accounting, finance, and business experience in several industries. I am currently the Vice President of Administrative Services with San Diego Mesa College. Teaching community college accounting is my passion, and I have been teaching accounting, business, and computer science for many years. Enjoy the semester!
Please watch for the first day email which will be sent out via Blackboard the weekend before the course starts. You will be required to follow certain steps and watch specific lectures in order to remain in the course at the census/drop date. Watch for the First Day Email with all the details to get started.

Web Page:

Rachelle Agatha, CPA, MBA

Office Hours: Tues On-line 7-8PM
(Other times on-line available by appt)

E-mail to is the best way to communicate with me and you will receive a response within 24 hours (not weekends or holidays). This is a totally on-line course with no class contact.

Application of fundamental and some intermediate spreadsheet concepts, principles, and commands in working with templates and modeling problems in accounting principles.
On-line courses require a dedicated and self-motivated student. Online courses offer flexible and convenient alternatives to students with busy schedules; however, this is not a self-paced course. There are weekly assignments and exams which are all outlined on the course calendar. The course calendar is your GUIDE. This will be available when the course opens on Blackboard.
To be a successful student in an on-line course requires diligence and organization. Taking accounting on-line is more difficult than taking accounting in class on campus. If you are taking this course on-line because you think it will be easier than on campus, listen to me now – that will not be the case. On-line courses are not suitable for all students. these are the things you need to be successful in an on-line course:
1. You need regular access to an efficient computer with substantially fast online access and reliability. Poor internet communication or old, slow equipment is not a reason to miss assignments or to be allowed make-ups.
2. There will be no extended class discussions on topics.
3. There will be minimal opportunity to clarify instructions; you are expected to timely and carefully read the syllabus, class documents, emails, and all Announcements.
4. Time management skills are a MUST. If you have a busy life, on-line will not make it easier for you to take a course. 5. If you need further assistance or clarification from the instructor, you need to promptly email to
( and be very clear with your questions and comments. In the email subject line, place the course name and number. In the body of the email, place your full name and student ID. Emails that do not meet this requirement will not be answered.
6. You will not have the student-student camaraderie that can develop in an on-campus class.
7. You need to be technologically proficient and need to take full responsibility for completing online submissions timely. 8. There will not be in-class “oral” reminders; you need to know all rules and deadlines, develop a clear and consistent schedule for completing and submitting assignments, and be skilled at time management.

9. You will use two main tools for my course, Blackboard and my website at This