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SEC Project Walmart
Rafael G. Alameda
Professor: Clemense Ehoff
3 May 2015

I. Introduction Walmart first began back in the year 1962. Sam Walton was the founder of the first Walmart store. His strategy was clear and will differenciate him among others retail stores. His strategy is based on the lowest prices anytime, anywhere. On July 2 1962 Sam Walton open his first Walmart store in Roger Arkansas. By 1967 his family owned 24 stores around the nation selling over twelve million dollars. By 1969 the company officially incorporated as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc
II. Retained Earnings, Dividends and Treasury For Walmart Stores Inc’s the balance of the retained earnings for the quarter that ended on January 2015 was for a total of 85,777 millions. Actually for the last year of 2014 their retained earnings increased on both quarters from July to October it went from 77,172 to 80,814 millions and then from October to January went from 80,814 to 85,777 millions. In comparison from the year 2013 their retained earnings went to an increase of 3,588 millions. On the last 12 months the average dividends per share has been of 2.10 percent during the year, but overall during the last ten years the overall dividend growth rate was 14.60 percent. Actually the current share price is 77.68 and the estimate for the next twelve months will be an increase of .48 cents. Since we all know treasury stock is stock that can buyed from shareholders or simply just stock that never went out to the public. For the last quarter that ended on January 2015 the total amount of treasury stock was 0.

III. Land and Improvement, Long Term Financing Bonds
The long term debt for the last twelve months of Walmart for January 2015 was 43,962 millions. As we can see the long term debt actually went down from 2014 to January 2015 meaning it will become less dependent growing in their business. Actually by the quarter that ended on January 2015 the land and improvement section for…