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ACCT 252 S2
College of Business and Law

Law of Business Contracts
Semester 2
Department of Accounting & Information Systems

Course Supervisor:
Associate Professor Maree Chetwin


ACCT252-14 S2

Course Outline


It is the student’s responsibility to retain all course outlines for any future assessment by professional bodies or other institutions


ACCT252-14 S2

Course Outline


If a person has agreed to purchase a property, is he or she obliged to complete the purchase? Does the same conclusion apply to the purchase of a car? Are there strategies a person can employ to withdraw from a contract? ACCT 252 provides the answers to these and many other questions.
The course operates on two levels. The first level is concerned with law. By the end of the course, you should have an understanding of the principles which govern contracts. The second level is concerned with skills. By the end of the course, you should be able to apply legal rules and principles to problems, supporting your conclusions by reference to case law and/or legislation. You should also be able to discuss the general implications of various cases.


By the end of this course it is expected that the student will be able to:


Acquire knowledge and understanding of the foundation elements of contract law.
Demonstrate the ability to use analytical thinking and problem-solving skills to address contract problems.
Communicate effectively both orally and in written form.
Develop an appreciation of the importance of contract law in a professional environment. Critically evaluate particular areas of contract law, draw conclusions as to their effectiveness and fairness and consider whether reform is desirable.


Term Test - 40% of final grade.
The Term test will be on-line / take –home format. Full details will be given to students at lectures and will be also on the LEARN site. All submission of test answers will be through the LEARN site and you must be aware of the following:

Answers must include an Honesty Declaration in the form advised in the Test instructions; 

All files uploaded will be submitted to the plagiarism detection service This means that work submitted for ACCT252 will be processed through LEARN and this includes a Turnitin report being generated for each item submitted. Turnitin compares your documents to millions of others, including articles, web sites and other student scripts, to see whether there are similarities.

ACCT252-14 S2

Course Outline


Plagiarism is deemed to be dishonest and improper practice under the University’s
General Course and Examination Regulations attracting serious penalties which include expulsion from the university.

The time for submission (4 Hours) will be strictly adhered to and late submissions cannot be accepted – students should therefore be aware of submitting well before the cut-off time to avoid any technical problems.

The date for the Test will be advised in lectures, and on the Course Information
System (CIS) website. It is your responsibility as a student to check the Course
Information System (CIS) website for the dates and time of the test.


Tutorials - 10% - see 4 (c) below


Final Examination- 50% of final grade.
The final exam will be of three hours duration. The date for the final examination will be set by the University. It is your responsibility as a student to check the Course Information on the University website for the date and time of the final examination.


There is a general departmental requirement that students are required to average not less than 45% in the invigilated component of their assessments in order to pass the course as a whole. “Invigilated” means formally supervised under exam conditions. In ACCT 252 the invigilated component is the Final Examination.
Failure to pass the