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The Conflict
The Waterbury hospital would like to open a new branch of the hospital at NYC. The Waterbury
Hospital was the first hospital in the city of Waterbury, Connecticut and has served the area since
1890. The mission of the Waterbury Hospital is to provide compassionate high quality health care services through a family of professionals and services. The vision of Waterbury Hospital is to be the health care organization of choice by providing superior customer service to patients and physicians. The board of directors of Waterbury hospital agreed upon to start new hospital as a new organization not as a branch of the existing profit organization. The conflict is whether the new hospital would be a non-profit organization or a profit organization. The administrative department of the Waterbury hospital recommends to work along with the previous organization model and the research department prefers to try the non-profit organization model. The research department thinks the Waterbury hospital expending more on debt and government tax programs rather than the improvements of the hospital. The Non-profit organization model of new hospital would minimize the other expenditures and allow allotment to the research department for research of the medicine studies.

The Audience
The individuals who serve on the Board of Directors of the Waterbury hospital are valued, trusted and respected members of the Waterbury community. Their leadership and dedication continue to shape the progress of the hospital. The board includes the following professionals
President/CEO, Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President of Operations of Southern
Connecticut East Service Area, Chief Hospital Executive Officer, Senior Vice President and
Area Manager of East Bay Area, Division Vice President of Southern Connecticut District,
Executive Director, Behavioral Health Services, Hospital Director, Market Chief Executive
Officer. and Executive Administrator of Waterbury Hospital. The research team includes the
Senior Vice President of Operations of Southern Connecticut East Service Area. Division Vice
President of Southern Connecticut District and Executive Director of Behavioral Health
Services. The administrative department includes Executive Vice President, Market Chief
Executive Officer, and Executive Administrator. The Administrative department thinks the
Waterbury hospital is a financially stabilized organization. Any profit organization can increase revenues without affecting quality by overemphasizing profit margins at the expense of care quality. So, the new hospital should consider the profit organization model.

The Consultant
Fatimatuz Zohra is a consultant of ACFRE (Advanced Certified Fundraising Executives)
Consulting firm. The firm is located at Connecticut. Ms. Zohra is an experienced business manager, consultant who has worked in both USA and Asia. Her current interest is in helping organizations to improve the performance ofthe programs and projects used to implement their business strategy and organizational change, in order to achieve planned benefits from these investments. She advocates a business focused Program Management approach with an emphasis on benefits and change management. She previously work with A North Coast located at
California. A North Coast is a Non-profit organization which is a Provider of Residential
Treatment, Special Education, and Community-based Services for Abused, Neglected, and
Emotionally Disturbed. Ms. Zohra has completed successful name change and followed up by developing new branding platform, logo, and tagline that accurately captures and identities organization's personality, values, and objectives and also articulates the mission of heavily pitched funding audience for this organization. She has teamed up with CEO of the organization to help move this project forward. Mr. Zohra has appointed by the CEO of the Waterbury hospital for Three months in order to make a concrete decision about…