Achilles debate Essay

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I believe that in the case of Agamemnon and myself, I should not have been expected to give Briseis to Agamemnon after I lost my own maiden, Chryseis. Yes, Agamemnon is the commander-in-chief of the Achaean Army, but that that does not give him the power to take things that he does not deserve from his own people. I am the greatest warrior in the Achaean army and should be respected for all that I have devoted to my people and to the Trojan War fight.
Agamemnon is a bitter and selfish ruler because of his denial to give back Chryseis to her father in the first place. It would have been in the best interests of his people to send her back so that he could avoid punishments from her angry father. However, he did not do this and therefore his people reaped the consequences when I placed a plague on the Achaean people. Furthermore, a good ruler would admit his own mistake and take responsibility for his actions; Agamemnon did not do this. He chose to displace his blame on others and take no responsibility for what he had caused. Agamemnon deserved no compensation for a horrible fate that was created by his own actions. He took advantage of his power by ordering me to give him Briseis. It was only because Agamemnon felt his power was endangered by my great skill and performance that he chose to single me out.
The fact that I was originally ready to battle Agamemnon shows how far I was willing to go to preserve my honor. I have pride in myself and refused to back down to even the commander-in-chief. Some may say that I am too prideful or too quick to let my lust for glory overtake his rationality, but I think that this pride is the fuel that makes me such a good warrior. Without it, there would be no chance for the people to win the war. All Agamemnon has is his title, but that is not enough to win a war. There needs to be hard work, strength, skill, and dedication, which I brought to the table. The fact that I dropped out of battle shows also that my honor is more important than his love of battle.
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