Achilles Rejects Embassy Essay

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Elizabeth Polly
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Dr. Hayden Head
Achilles Rejects the Embassy In Book 9 of the Iliad we see the Achaeans at their lowest point in battle. The Trojans are pushing towards Achaean ships and the soldiers are losing their momentum. Their leader doesn’t help matters by weeping in front of them and declaring the war a failure. Nestor goes to Agamemnon and urges him to consider reconciling with Achilles, the great soldier. At a time like this, when the end seems near and more Achaean men are losing their lives, Agamemnon seemingly has no other choice but to give this option a try. Agamemnon decides to send Achilles an abundance of gifts and women, including Briseus’ daughter and even his own daughters, in order to try and persuade Achilles to join the battle. Odysseus, Great Ajax, and Phoenix are sent to relay the offer to Achilles. The embassy finds Achilles and presents him with the offer that Agamemnon put forth. Achilles automatically rejects the proposal. He responds, “Will Agamemnon win me over? Not for all the world, / I swear it”. While he has every reason to be angry with Agamemnon in the beginning, he is still so filled with that same rage that he is unable to consider the possibility that he could be overreacting at this point. There are many reasons that Achilles rejects the embassy, almost all linking back to his relentless rage. Agamemnon’s proposal could be considered superficial, as if he would rather buy back Achilles’ support rather than actually have to earn it. Also, he is basically offering to return to Achilles the treasures that were already his to begin with. Not only does Agamemnon want Achilles’ to fight and save all their lives,…