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Industrial Management & Data Systems
Architecture for integration of distributed ERP systems and e‐commerce systems
Lars Frank

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Lars Frank, (2004),"Architecture for integration of distributed ERP systems and e#commerce systems", Industrial Management
& Data Systems, Vol. 104 Iss 5 pp. 418 - 429
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1. Introduction

Architecture for integration of distributed ERP systems and e-commerce systems Downloaded by Northumbria University At 13:02 01 October 2014 (PT)

Lars Frank

The author
Lars Frank is an Associate Professor in the Department of
Informatics, Copenhagen Business School, Frederiksberg,

Computer software, Databases,
Manufacturing resource planning

This paper will use the latest research within the extended transaction models and replication methods to illustrate how to design distributed enterprise resource planning (ERP) software with high performance and availability. In a distributed ERP system, an e-commerce server is an ordinary sales location with or without its own stock, and, therefore, the e-commerce system is totally integrated in the ERP system. The author has cooperated with one of the major ERP software companies in analyzing how the company can design such a distributed version of their ERP system.

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Volume 104 · Number 5 · 2004 · pp. 418–429 q Emerald Group Publishing Limited · ISSN 0263-5577
DOI 10.1108/02635570410537507

This paper will use different replication designs to improve performance and response time by substituting remote data accesses with local data accesses. The availability of the system can be increased by using a remote replicated database in case a local failure/disaster occurs. The major disadvantages of data replication are the additional costs of updating replicated data and the problems related to managing the consistency of