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Today our society struggles with many things. Pollution is a large quantity of that struggle. It has gotten to the point where we have polluted the air and polluted the rain, making it a very dangerous situation. Although this acid rain only affects some parts of the world it is critical to try putting an end to this self-inflicted environmental disaster.

Causes and parts of the world where it is most serious;
Acid Rain is a mixture of wet and dry disposition from the atmosphere containing higher than normal amounts of sulphuric and nitric acids. It affects large parts of the United States and parts of Canada. It damages lakes, streams, forests, and any wildlife that inhabits these areas. This rain has a pH of 4 and that’s why it is so important to minimise this acidic water. When sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released from power plants, smokestacks, and other sources, prevailing winds blow these compounds across state and national borders, sometimes over hundreds of miles.

Effects on buildings and living things;
The effects on living things due to acid rain are not severely harmful to the skin; it’s not strong enough to melt the surface of your skin. But it does cause an effect on the heart and lungs due to the oxygen intake being polluted which could cause asthma and bronchitis. Also acid rain can damage or melt away objects made of a certain substance e.g. limestone and marble.

How the countries that are affected try to manage the problem;

The countries around the world that are most effected by acid rain are; the most of eastern Europe starting from Poland in a northward direction into Scandinavia, also the eastern third of the United States, and some of the south-eastern parts of Canada. Other affected areas are parts of China and Taiwan. How these countries try to