Acid in Soda Essay

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Experiment 5
The Quantitative Determination of an Acid in
Carbonated Beverages

Thomas Canfield
Kelly Caddell
Chemistry 144B
T.A. Brock Marvin
15 October 2012

Methods: Two sodas containing citric acid were investigated in this experiment. Each soda was titrated using one of the two experimental methods. These methods are the traditional titration and the modern titration. Carbonic acid was already removed from the soda by boiling it. Both of the two different titration methods use the same basic set up. Firstly, the buret must be cleaned thoroughly with tap water. While cleaning the buret, it is also checked to make sure there are no leaks. The ring stand is then set up with a buret clamp and the cleaned buret placed
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Trial 1: 11.86mL
Trial 2: 11.28mL
Trial 3: 11.40mL
Using the volume of NaOH and the concentration of NaOH (.0466M) the molarity of NaOH was calculated to four significant figures:
Trial 1: 5.527*10^-4
Trial 2: 5.257*10^-4
Trial 3: 5.312*10^-4
Using the stoichiometry of the reaction between citric acid and sodium hydroxide, the moles of citric acid was found to four significant figures:
Trial 1: 1.842*10^-4
Trial 2: 1.752*10^-4
Trial 3: 1.771*10^-4
From the moles of citric acid, the molarity was then calculated to four significant figures:
Trial 1: 9.211*10^-3
Trial 2: 8.761*10^-3
Trial 3: 8.854*10^-3
The mean and standard deviation were then calculated for the moles of citric acid in the sample of soda used again to four significant figures:
Mean: 8.942*10^-3
Standard Deviation: