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Acids and Bases In modern day medicine acids and bases are used to neutralize the PH level in your body. Humans use acids and bases every day in order to maintain a proper balance. Our body uses acids and bases everyday to try to get the PH levels as neutral as possible in our bodies. When we take in something acidic, it tries to keep the PH level neutral, by trying to fight the positively charged ions from the acids. We have to maintain a PH level of 7.3 or our organs cannot function properly. To avoid getting your body PH high, you must avoid eating food with a lot of proteins, because proteins often have acids in them. When your PH level is too high you treat it with acids. When your PH level is to low you treat it with bases. Acids and bases are used in agriculture to increase or enhance the growth of crops, to begin flowering or to increase the fruit size. Acid used in plants is amino acids. It’s an essential ingredient to protein synthesis. Some acids such as phenoxy acids may also be used for the control of weeds in cereal crops, grasslands and meadows, and to clear undergrowth. An example of a base used in agriculture is lime. Lime may occur naturally in some soils but may require sulfuric acid for its agricultural benefits to be seen. Lime treatment helps crops to better tolerate drought and wet conditions by increasing the root water diffusion through the soil.

Most people have heard of acids and bases because it is an important part of the chemical