Acient Roman Art Essay

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Ancient Roman Art
The Roman culture has many different interesting architectures, The Roman art architecture can be characterized as a combination of different inspirations from many other civilizations, for example as the Greeks and Etruscans. The Romans created these influences together and also developed artistic styles that by the time became their own. Roman art showed many different kind of subjects, with the hard wok and generosity, to mythology as well as religion. Roman architecture is interesting because it showed it, especially in its well organized use of space and engineering genius. The Parthenon and the Pantheon, is the one I liked the most before when I visited I didnt put much attention in the detail of its work.They are both large and important symbols of their cultures, they have a lot of hidden differences, but also a few similarities here and there. The Pantheon, was built by the Romans in 125 C.E., it was done after the Parthenon, which was then finished by the Greeks in 432 B.C.E. The Romans where amazed by the Greekā€™s knowledge of geometry, and they decided to add and use this geometry into the building of the Pantheon. Geometry is one of the especial similarities that they both have the Pantheon and parthenon. This two different buildings have similar structures that look like columns for its support and style. Also some obvios similarities are that the two structures are quite different for example the The Parthenon this one was built out