Acme Fireworks Prospectus Essay

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Acme Fireworks Prospectus
Jennifer Crawford
BUS 311: Business Law I
Instructor: Mark A. Cohen
October 30, 2014
Acme Fireworks Prospectus Acme Fireworks is a fireworks retailer that sells fireworks, puts on ground display fireworks, and large aerial displays fireworks. Acme Fireworks has been a sole proprietorship since it began two years ago. At this time the owner is receiving inquiries as to Acme Fireworks ability to create fireworks displays on a regular basis. CITATION Rog12 \l 1033 (Rogers, 2012). In anticipation of increased business, the owner of Acme Fireworks is in need of some information. This prospectus is going to inform the owner as to:
Whether or not the business will be governed by common law or
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But which type of employee should Acme Fireworks employ? The full-time employee works regular and on-going, between 35-45 hours a week, which includes non-wage entitlements and benefits like paid holiday leave, sick leave, and long service leave CITATION ASU14 \l 1033 (ASU, 2014). Part-time permanent work is regular and on-going, involves fewer hours than full-time and usually has set days or set hours. No benefits and entitlements are received by part-time employees. Casual work is on-going and involves irregular hours and hourly pay. Casual workers work on an as needed basis, which means that they work when they are needed CITATION ASU14 \l 1033 (ASU, 2014). There are no entitlements for casual workers since the entitlements are factored into 20% of the higher hourly rate that casual workers receive CITATION ASU14 \l 1033 (ASU, 2014). Casuals usually receive hourly rates of pay based on a minimum 15% loading of normal or applicable hourly rates of pay CITATION ASU14 \l 1033 (ASU, 2014). Fixed term or contract employees are hired for a fixed period of time for a specific project or to replace an employee on sick leave or paternal leave CITATION ASU14 \l 1033 (ASU, 2014). This type of employee would need an agreement in writing that sets out the length of the employment contract. Fixed term