Essay about Acquiescence: Employment and School Schedule

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Acquiescence In Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Three Ways of Meeting Oppression” Dr. King gives us three ways in which oppressed people such as African Americans dealt with their oppression. The first one is acquiescence in which individuals let themselves get dragged into their own oppression. If one accepts their oppression it simply means that they are proving to the oppressor that one is inferior. The second way that oppression is dealt with is violence. Violence does not solve any issues within the oppressed it only causes more issue as well as hatred. Finally the best way one should deal with oppression should be non-violent resistance. According to Dr. King it will work against the oppression not the oppressors themselves. Although I …show more content…
They are pushed to their limits and are only making $8.25 an hour. Insurance is not provided by the company meaning if one of these ladies hurt themselves the company would not respond nor pay for their injuries. According to Dr. King oppressors “tacitly adjust themselves to oppression, and thereby become conditioned to it” (277). I agree with him because many of these ladies feel like they have no choice but to be appreciative to have a job even if it means they would have to break their backs in order to sustain their families. Finding a new job for them seems impossible, they are older now and many of them are not educated.
The only thing that I like about the company and one of the reasons why I have stayed there is because they are very flexible about my school schedule. They are willing to arrange my schedule according to my school schedule which very few places do. I have also come to realize that finding a new job was not that simple. A couple of months ago the store was hiring workers for two open positions, I did not expect there to be many people coming to the store to apply. I was wrong, close to fifty people lined up for an interview. Out of those fifty only two were chosen and I, at that moment felt grateful to have a job. With today’s economy many people cannot afford to be unemployed but unfortunately many are. Those that do have a job are forced to acquiesce because they need to maintain that job.
According to Dr. King slaves